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what's in my bag

it's kind of interesting to see what people carry around in their bags. these are basically my essentials, and it was obviously a rainy day when i took this picture. i don't go anywhere now without my e-reader and iPod, but i never leave home without a water bottle - i get dehydrated so easily, and have been known to faint in the past (:s) i also randomly have a spoon and a piece of silver i was working on in the studio

a sketchbook is another thing i always have on me, i hate losing an idea because i didn't have anything to write it down in. i love the one i'm working in currently, i'll be sad when i'm done with my set of them. the AGO was getting rid of them and selling them for a dollar last summer! the cover is made from a thin layer of cork, and everyone who sees me with it wants to steal it from me. my husband already stole one :|

oh i forgot to include my phone...but i guess that's because i was talking on it while taking this photo.

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