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prepping for a craft show

things you have to think about 
(but don't really have time for) when prepping for a craft show

01. gift bags and boxes
02. how you're going to lug all your stuff down there
03. do i have enough business cards?
04. do i have enough helpers?
05. how can i display my jewellery better?
06. do i still have time to make new work?
07. did i make enough work?
08. is all my work clean and ready to be worn?
09. how can i package all my pieces so they don't get damaged on my trip?
10. inventory lists and pricing

this isn't all hypothetical. lol. if you can you should try to visit me next weekend at Trinity Bellwoods Park for the Queen West Art Crawl. i'll be there on the 17th and 18th from 11-6 at booth B18. this may be the last show i do for a while so it's a good chance to see some new and old wearable goodies from me :)

hope to see you there readers!

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